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Hannah's Ray GunOcean Flaws
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Download Hannah's Ray Gun Here

Electronic Press Kit

Ocean Flaws’ new single is Hannah’s Ray Gun.  

Caught somewhere between the gunslinging rivalry of Rocky Raccoon and the futuristic dystopia of ‘73’s Westworld, the lyrics follow an


Evil outlaw, who saunters into a town’s local saloon, 

Armed with a mysterious woman, Hannah’s, eponymous “Ray Gun”. After offering a Mexican standoff to the 

Nearest thug by the bar, the owner of the ray gun is shot down in the street, and the town celebrates the 

Fall of the cowboy.  

Like any spaghetti western tale, the Essex boys’ latest track, Hannah’s Ray Gun, is a nod to the underdog -  

An affirmation of the inevitable triumph of good over evil.

Watch the official hand-drawn video for Hannah’s Ray Gun here. 

Saddle up for the sexiest re-imagining of the Wild West since Matthew McConaughey put on a stetson in Magic Mike.

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Ocean Flaws are one of the most exciting bands emerging from the UK indie scene today. On the back of their debut single, Deep Sea Dreaming - released February 2020 - the Essex-based quartet were named one of John Kennedy’s “Hot Ones” to watch out for, on Radio X’s prestigious Xposure show.  

Following a string of sold-out shows on London’s live circuit, including a support slot with Oasis’ own Andy Bell, Ocean Flaws built on the momentum with their sophomore single - Spirit Level - released in October 2020. The track garnered airplay from Radio X, BBC Introducing, and even secured a spot on SiriusXM host, Eric Alper’s, “Best Indie Music” Spotify playlist. 

The band’s third single, Touching Down - released in the wake of COVID-19 - showcased a more introspective side to the group, with their guitarist stepping up to the mic for the first time ever. Once again, the track landed, and was spun on BBC Radio 6 by the legendary Steve Lamacq, and named This Feeling’s “Track Of The Day” in March 2021. 

Touching Down was also spotlighted in the Unsigned Guide’s indie music blog, which dubbed the sound “neo-80s synth...with some zesty indie pop vibes, akin to Blossoms and MGMT.”

Clearly, Ocean Flaws are “onto a winner”. 

The band are currently working on a much anticipated summer 2021 single, and preparing to gig with Drools, for This Feeling, on 10th September at Water Rats, London. 

Ocean Flaws ornament anthemic hooks, inspired by the Brit Pop era, with the kind of instrumental texture popularised by bands like Television. What comes out is a neo-80s sound - as if The Cars grew up amidst the humdrum of post-millennial Essex.



The moment that you stepped into the pub

Holding Hannah’s Ray Gun

You sauntered over to the nearest thug

And offered education


You said, “Do you ever fight?”

He said, “It ends tonight”

And left you there to die


Won’t you make up with your design?

It’s part of the ride tonight

You better shape up from the inside

They say that I tried this time


The moment that you turned away to run

He smoked you in the salon 

A crowd had gathered in the evening sun

And hid their adulation


Are you taking back that fight?

Knowing he would bite

He was quick that night


Won’t you make up with your design?

It’s part of the ride tonight

You better shape up from the inside

They say that I tried this time


Now you’re falling from grace 

And with a gun in your face is how you go

Now you’re falling from grace 

And with a world to embrace, how did it go?